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The voice in song is a beautiful, human experience. 

I've fell in love with solo and choral singing when I was 12 years old. 

I graduated from the UBC School of Music in 2003 where I completed a Bachelor of Music with a focus in elementary school education and studied privately with Anne Relyea.  In 2007, I received an International Montessori Teaching Diploma for children 3-6 years old from the North American Montessori Centre.  

I love sharing my curiosity, appreciation, and lifelong love of music.



"Singing wakes up our bodies.  By activating the many systems involved in producing vocal sound, the act of singing itself engages muscles, moves energy, burns calories, increases oxygen to the brain and stimulates a variety of feel-good hormones, all of which leaves us feeling alive, alert, awake, expansive and present.  Numerous studies have shown that singing reduces symptoms of anxiety,depression and high blood pressure, while increasing self-esteem, alertness and a general sense of well-being.  Singing is powerful medicine.

Jeremy Dion 'The Art Of mindful Singing'


Stay tuned for online beginner piano and vocal lessons.


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Lesson rate is $20 per half hour




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