As an artist, there are crossroads in our lives that force us into digging deeper than our usual artist's method.  For me right now, it's a  zone where classical singing technique meets modern day agricultural.  Somewhere in the middle lies mankind's thrust for...

November 15, 2018

          (Artist Unknown)

     Laughing and crying can be rejuvinating and exhausting.  Our cheeks may cramp, our brow furrow can deepen, runny nose, tears. But no matter how loud or long we howl and wail, there is always enough air.  We have all he...

October 5, 2018


Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to our 2018/2019 season!   With a new year comes the opportunity for singers to get together and learn new repertoire.  I was fortunate to enjoy a three day choral conducting intensive clinic hosted by the BC Choral Federat...

March 10, 2018



       I am my instrument.  It's a big responsibility to care for the voice.  And honestly, I feel there have been years that have slipped by when I scarcely sang, and engaged in a range of unhealthy or stressful behav...

February 5, 2018

     Clearly we were all captivated by this visitor from a distant place.  My husband Nick and I were amazed to see the newest teacher at Somenos Marsh Outdoor Education Centre-a Sea Lion!  We shared our amazement on my Facebook page, and Bob Isbister drew up a great m...

November 5, 2017

Music lives in our mind and body and gives us the incredible ability to stand together in song, our hearts beating together.  We use our entire body to sing out!  Everyone has the same vocal mechanisms, and when we sing we activate and coordinate many 'systems' in our...

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November 15, 2018

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