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La La La

Music lives in our mind and body and gives us the incredible ability to stand together in song, our hearts beating together. We use our entire body to sing out! Everyone has the same vocal mechanisms, and when we sing we activate and coordinate many 'systems' in our body; our posture, breathe, our vocal mechanism with it's muscles, cartilage and ligaments. It is a wonderful feeling to experience on your own and in a group with other singers.

I recently acquired the children's story "La La La," written by Kate DiCamillo for my music studio, and I instantly fell in love with this sweet story. Beautifully illustrated by Jaime Kim, the story is depicted without text in delicate, mindful artwork. The colours of fall within the story match my local surroundings and draw me deeper into the pages.

The sweet little girl of the story offers hope and courage in her quest to reach out to the wilderness and beyond...

Sing out! Sing freely and naturally! It feels great because it is great!

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