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Glyphosate and Music. What's the Connection?

As an artist, there are crossroads in our lives that force us into digging deeper than our usual artist's method. For me right now, it's a zone where classical singing technique meets modern day agricultural. Somewhere in the middle lies mankind's thrust for science, the brunt of corporate lies, and the injury of several generations.

I was recently introduced to the work of Dr Zach Bush, MD, a triple board certified physician in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice/Palliative care. His focus on diet and nutrition, disease prevention, longevity, and soil conservation was explained swiftly in a podcast that I'll note at the end.

The discovery of the powerful toxin known as Glyphosate (Round Up) was discovered by a Japanese scientist in 1958. He recognized quickly that it was a water soluble toxin, and shelved the idea. To my understanding, if it was a fat soluble toxin, it would be sequestered in the soil mycelium, or sequestered in our fat cells so it never reaches the blood/brain barrier of our brains. However, a water soluble toxin cannot be sequestered because everything on the planet, including humans, is made of water.

The outcome with soil and water testing proves devastating, and indeed 80% of America's Round Up has found its way to the Mississippi River, where it circulates in the rain and air. American farmers have been reasonably frugal in their application of Round Up, however once Monsanto received permission to advertise publicly, its campaign proved so successful that every football watching, North American home owner enlisted into weed warfare on his home and garden, spraying gallons on driveways, sidewalks, lawns. The EPA approved Monsanto to advertise publicly with this toxic compound with confidence in the shikimate pathway and bacteria and fungi found in soil and in our bodies would sequester this chemical. However it's numbers have been decimated. As Dr Zach Bush points out, there would be a cry from conspiracy theorists of rising numbers of cancer, autism, and neurological diseases like Parkinson's and MS. And by 1996, the notion of conspiracy is quelled by a steep rise in all three of these diseases. The real smoking gun for Dr Zach is in 2012, when he discovered molecules within the soil that looked like chemotherapy drugs. Evidence of the fungi and bacteria converting the chemical into 'medicine' proved the devastating effect glyphosate would have on our bodies. Not the best news to share, but there is promise of this toxic chemical metabolizing on the planet by 2050 if we stop using Round Up today.

I guess my hope is to alleviate the physical devastation brought on by diseases like cancer and neurological disorders with choral music therapy. Often the voice gets lost in the ailment. As loved ones and caregivers mean well, there is a loss of independence and self-esteem to the patient as plans and care are made with little consultation. The care of symptoms managed is necessary, but everyone has an "inner doctor." Everyone deserves to be heard through the entirety of their illness. Isolation and fear can be remedied with comfort and support.

Regularly practicing alignment, breathing exercises, vocal technique and of course singing together as a group renews and builds physical confidence back into the mechanism that houses our speaking voice. As early humans sang before they spoke, most people have never even felt the true connection between deep breath, their supportive breathing muscles, their posture, and the physical vibration created within all combine to release dopamine and serotonin naturally.

This fall I invite you to join me weekly for a one hour session of singing at the Lake Cowichan Arena. Date and time confirmed soon. Caregivers are welcome to join. Time to enjoy a cup of coffee and snack together would conclude our session.

*Stay, Breathe with Me: The gift of compassionate medicine.

Allison & Allison - She Writes Press - 2016

* The Best of 2018 : Part 1 22:25-34:45